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    Big Al's "Mountain Reef"

    Brilliant read! Your reefing skills have advanced Reefer Warrior! Nice to see your new adventure my friend!
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    Lynn's 90 gallons of Sunshine

    Frank posting is more extraordinary than your breeding pair of BSs! :lol: Just stopping by to check on your progress. I'm so happy for you Lynn! Peace!
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    The Bluespot Club

    I have witnessed this also on many occasions, they also leave their burrow to urinate, which I have also witnessed. Lorraine, I love Nick's video. The two keep spitting sand into each others burrow. :laughroll:
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    The BEST Bluespot Video Ever - Breeding Behavior

    AWESOME! I love the "BSJF NOT FOR SALE". :lol:
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    Video and Pics Bluespot Breeding Behavior

    Lorraine, I'm so happy for you! After all your trials a tribulations with this species you, of all, deserve this pair! What fascinating behavior. We are honored that we get to witness it! Awesome job BJ and the Misses!
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    Lynn's 90 gallons of Sunshine

    Spotty used to give me scares all the time. It's too much worry for a hobby!
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    **Brian and Stacy's Reef Experience**

    I'm impressed with the little nano from Louisiana! :D It has come a long way from the Elmer days! Impressive work on the stand and canopy. Looking forward to that reef coming to fruition!
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    Lynn's 90 gallons of Sunshine

    Oh the life of a BS owner! Isn't it grand! :lol: I'm happy to hear that she is doing better. Are the BSs skittish of the anthias'?
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    increase in pH

    That pH is acceptable. The most important aspect of reef pH is stability. As long as your pH is stable it doesn't matter much if 7.8 or 8.6, relative to stability. What you don't want are large changes in pH such as those that come when trying to alter the pH with buffers, kalk and other pH...
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    Willie's plywood adventure

    Handy work you've done there Willie! If your reefing skills are anything like your building skills, we're in for one hell of a beautiful reef! I enjoyed reading through your chronicle. Keep it coming!
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    2 Months to Live

    The respect you have for your science teacher is admirable, but please explain what makes your science teacher an expert in these matters? From some of your previous posts, I suspect that this is multifactorial encompassing water quality, as well as nutritional issues. I am assuming that...
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    Bluespots spawning

    We need better documention of these events! Get with the program! :lol:
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    The Bluespot Club

    Really sorry to hear that Barb! :cry1: Maybe when Lorraine raises a bunch of babies, we can be the first on the list for adoptions! ;)
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    13's BSJ heaven

    Congratulations Chris, how is the new guy doing?
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    Newbie with Aiptasia

    The good doctor has given some sound advice. I might add that the AiptasiaX is a good product that I have used with success and is extremely easy to use. It comes all wrapped in a pretty package with written directions. Perhaps more apt for a beginner. :D