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    Large Fish Suggestions

    Thanks guys, the input is much appreciated!
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    Large Fish Suggestions

    I'm taking this all in.... Thanks for these suggestions... Eric, I like the Sweetlips... Michael, what is the 3rd fish pic? Yesterday I removed a beautiful Minatus Grouper (Red with Blue man...), it was way to aggressive and my Lion was constantly defending himself and was...
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    Large Fish Suggestions

    Hello Everyone ! I hope 2010 is turning out to be a fantastic year for everyone!! I want to add another large fish to my 230 gal. Preditor Swim Tank. Currently I have: These are VERY Large Golden Sapo aka Guineafowl Dogface Puffer Volitan Lionfish .... the colored variety...
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    Tube worm closed up

    I would give it time. If the tube is still full in form, I suspect that the worm is behaving the way they do. Mine often stays in its tube for a couple days, secretes tube building goo, puffs out reproductive smoke, looses its plume and builds another. I have had Sabellidae( non-calcareous)...
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    ~Woody's 120 Escapade~

    Glad to hear your mom is doing better Doni:snshne: Your macro shots are fantastic! I just went back and watched your clowns playing in their hadoni :) Too much fun!
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    What do you do with your dirty water change water?

    Straight down the toilet for me too...
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    Nudibranch Attack of a tube anemone

    That was pretty cool!
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    O.T.Happy Birthday Jimeluiz!

    Happy Birthday ! Hope all is well :)
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    OT: Sharing my excitement!

    Fantastic Stace ! They make mini washers and dryers and if you wear the same clothes and limit washing, you could have Quite the equipment room :D Congratulation!
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    almost everything is dead!!!!!!!!!

    Varga, I am soooo sorry to hear this tragedy. I agree in regards to the xenia, they look irritated not dying. Yes, I see your that your snails are stressed, hanging on the best they can. The best of the as far as we know two evils, is that your tank had a jolt that caused all this damage...
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    Kim’s 120 Possibilities

    Yeah I know, I've already noticed a change in texture and in my sea squirts too. I will continue to add a bit phyto at night when the skimmer is off. i know peeps who add phyto and run skimmers (not at the same time though), I just wanted to get a little of the gunk out! *sigh*
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    Frankie's 120gal. glass experiment

    I love your new scape Frankie, it has really opened up your tank. Wow ! the monti that you pulled out is absolutely beautiful. Your hole tank is SPS, isn't it?
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    Kim’s 120 Possibilities

    :p Just keep skimming, just keep skimming..... I've pulled out 4 gallons so far tonight, so I'm already doing 2 less gallons in the same period. Dirty, Dirty Girl !
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    FW pics

    Electric blue is right, he is a stunning color. He looks clad in Opal.
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    Horseshoe crab..

    Stace, That is actually a very good article; offering a chance for aquarists who have this animal the opportunity to provide an adequate environment and feeding regimen. Wet Web Media is one of my preferred learning tools. Glad to hear your critter is doing well and growing :)