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First of all I want to say this isn't directed at one person or group of people. I've noticed a "Trend" over the last few months and I just wanted to put this out there so we're all reminded of what a great place this is.

I want to try and convey to everyone at RS to remember what makes us different than most other forums on the web. We all know what "other" forums I'm talking about and why we're not hanging out at those places. When you go "there" you get ridiculed for asking simple questions, you get slammed for a less than perfect answer and you get banned for not "going with the flow".

That's pretty much the opposite of what we have here at RS. We genuinely care about each other and have a deep rooted desire to not only help but to TEACH and NURTURE each other so that the community as a whole grows. We are known around the whole internet as a place that's friendly and helpful. We are known because we "meet people where they are and help them to grown and learn". We may not know all of the chemistry and biology that goes on inside the tank but we know how to make up water, do water changes and take care of beginner and advanced husbandry skills in our tanks and most of all we care about each other as individuals and not just Keyboard Warriors.

Let's not forget we ALL started at the same place and we have all made many mistakes (I think I've made them all a FEW times over). I'm as guilty as the next person for getting frustrated but when that happens it's just time to take a step back and get a fresh breath of air (go do a 95% water change LOL). Then come back realizing we're here to help foster not only the hobby as a whole but the camaraderie and relationships that this hobby brings to us.


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Funny you should post this... Earlier today i was trying to justify (to myself nonetheless) why i chose to become a member of this forum over other marine aquarium discussion venues... I realized that although the others do have their merits, that as a beginner, i felt less intimidated to post my questions, progress and questions on RS, than on the others.

Big +1 from me. :)

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Al, probly couldn't have been said better than that, thanks :thumbup: I agree and have made the very same observations, I'll bet many people have.


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Cheers Allen - well said

RS is special & a real Sanctuary of reefing forums, were members won't get flamed, but good encouragement & help !


Very well said BigAl As I'm a newbe and RS has helped me in many ways So for you newbe's dont be afraid to ask question and make sure you read,read,read cause that what I've learn and my tank showes Thanks to everyone here at RS


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This site has become my #1 source for helpful, friendly information. I have avoided numerous mistakes by browsing the threads and posting questions. Hopefully I can one day be helpful to those who come after me. I'm tentatively planning on going to MACNA next year and hopefully put some faces to some of the friendly people here. Very good post, Allen.


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:yup: (what else can you say to that?) :D

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Yep, that's why I'm so proud to be a member and proud of all my friends here! :)

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