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  • i was told you are good with the flower pots
    i got a new flower pot about 5 weeks ago and it just dont want to open up some days it comes out alittle and then nothing i first tried placing on the bottom for a couple weeks then moved it up about half way in my tank for a couple weeks both had a good flow on it now about a week ago i moved it back to the bottom and in a low flow area to try that did give it an iodine dip when i purchesed it

    my tank is 55gal lighting is 4 65watt pc 50\50 and 2 48 in vho artinic all bulbs are kept up to date

    salinity 1.025
    ph 8.2
    ammonia 0
    nitrite 0
    nitrate 10
    phosphate 0-.25
    calcium 380
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