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  • Hi Al,
    I was reading a post and saw that you had a Typhoon Controller to Steve's LED'S install guide you had made. I will be installing the retro kit on my 130D on Saturday and was wondering if you still had that guide available you could send me? My name is Steve and my email is I purchased the 95% complete kit but anything to assist in the installation would be helpful.

    Hi Al, how are you friend? What's the latest on your tank adventures? Guess, I'll have to scroll through hundreds of threads again, Lol !!! Happy reefing :)
    Well Allen
    Please ask any question you have I will give my best answer I can.
    Hi Allen, thanks! I'm trying to stay incognito. I own a store but don't sell online, but really miss the hobbyist end of things so I'm glad to be here and able to post up about my tank!
    Hello Al , Brian Jackson(cracker) here. Hoping Your doing well! I haven't posted in quite a while. I still have the 200 going. I need a favor if possible. I'm trying to find" AquaJack". Is he still around? I 'm looking for a couple of 250 watt MH electronic ballasts . Hey, Maybe You have somebody You would like to refer. I'd apprecieate if You could get me in touch. My phone is 904-276-4962 or I'll look for a P/m. Thanks Man! & don't let them get Ya down! Oh by the way, I was proud of the Vols the other night in Gainsville, They fought the GOOD FIGHT! Best Regards Brian,
    Hello Al,
    Bruce form Sea Critters Depot/North Myrtle Beach. I have joined Reef Sanctuary. A lot reading ahead! Hope your critters made the ride home in good condition.
    Just alittle note for now.
    Hi Al, read a thread about your financial planning from 2008 and was wondering if you are still working the program and how you are doing. I am one of those gov. workers that is probably going to lose my job in a few months due to the union busting and state budget cuts in Ohio. I am scared to death of how we are going to handle it. lmk if you are still involved as I would like a little info. Many things will have to change but I am really going to hate shutting down my tank.
    Definitly interested,

    Thanks in advance for any reply,
    Hope you don't mind the direct message. I have been reading the forum for several months now and I have found comments from you on more posts that I can count. I was also attracted to your avatar. My son just graduated from college with his commercial pilots license, so I am an avaition fan also.
    Wanted to see if I could get your input on controllers. What exactly do they do?
    I am at the point where I need to order lighting, heaters and powerheads. All of the ones I am looking at (AquaticLife T5 HO Aquarium Lighting System, JBJ TRUE TEMP 500W Digital Titanium Heater, MP40W ES Vortech Pump) seem to be programmable.
    Do they work in conjunction with a controller? Do you get less expensive equipment and let the controller control programing for lighting, water temp, wave patterns, etc)
    I noticed in one forum you recommended the GHL profilux controller. Is that still your choice?
    Thanks for your input
    Hi BigAl07! I just wanted to let you know that I read up on your link about Dave Ramsey and actually received some of his stuff today. I'm looking forward to being able to enjoy my tanks without the guilty little feelings I sometimes get and to not feeling like I need to hide my receipts from my husband. Thank you for being willing to share your experiences with us.
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