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    O.t. Happy Birthday Gina!!

    Thanks guys. Spent the day out with the horses. It's been spring like all weekend here.
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    Random Pics of Cruise 2008

    Nice pics! Mark and I are going to be going on a cruise this spring to Cozumel with all the people he works with.
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    Happy Birthday Nikki!

    Happy Birthday Nikki! Hope your day is great!
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    Happy Birthday Travis!

    :crowd: :bday1: :crowd: :woohoo: Hope your day is fantastic!
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    Please Pray.

    I am sorry for your loss. I lost my father last year and am still grieving the loss. It's very difficult to loose a family member who means so much to you. My prayers are with you and those left behind to morn.
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    Meet the newest furry addition to the Storc house

    Lynn, He is a beautiful cat! I'm very pleased that he has found a loving home especially after hearing his story. That's very sad. I actually worry about my own pets if something were to happen to me but at least I know as long as Mark's here, they will be fine. I'm sure you'll get the weight...
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    The Bluespot Club

    Happy Birthday Spotty! Gosh, a year already? Where does the time go? LOL!!
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    Whos Ready For Some Football!!!!!

    I Love My......
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    OT 4 words per post story

    like I might be.....
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    Skimmer Question

    IMO your not really going to find a very good skimmer for under a $100. Unless like mentioned above, you find a used one. Have you tried looking on e-bay for a used one or put a notice here in our dry goods for sale or trade section. Unless you can find a used one, I would save up a little...
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    OT 4 words per post story

    I joined a forum
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    OT: Quitting Smoking.....

    I smoked for about 32 years and stopped about 5 years ago. There are still days that it hits good a cigarette would be right now! The stressful times are hard mostly because it was a habit to smoke when you were stressed or depressed about something. I have not smoked in 5 years...
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    Rearing Picasso Percula Clownfish!

    Just got back from three days in Ohio and had to check things out here. I see things are progressing along very well. Have you talked to any of the LFS to see if they are interested in purchasing any of the babies?
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    Dont forget your fraggin' supplies:

    Looks like they have survived their surgery! Good job!
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    fuge/sump ?

    I wouldn't worry about a cycle if your just adding a sump. If you were to add a fuge, because of the LS/LR you add to it you may have (note I said may) a slight cycle but, I wouldn't even worry about that. We added a sump to our tank after it was up with no problems then later added a fuge...