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    UV Sterilizer - Suggested Flow Rates

    Hi Ed, thanks for your email and greetings from Durban/South-Afrika where I am currently for business. First of all, there is the rule "The slower, the better the effect ". In your case, this means 1200 gph are much, much too fast , at such a high flow rate is almost no sterilization...
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    Need help with ID a fish

    ... and here is a second of which I know nothing. Maybe someone here can even help ? Thanks
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    Need help with ID a fish

    Hello buddies, need after a long time once again your help. Who knows this fish ? the picture was taken along the coastline of California in a kelp forrest. Thanks in advanced
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    Carbon source dosing

    hi buddies ;) hi BigJay and thanks for your eMail ..... vodca dosing is EASY going and def. NOT Dangerous. Exactly as you describe last Big Jay you have to act (use a loading phase up until you have an observed point of bacterial overload and stepping back the dosage from there) .... Start...
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    Periclimenes Species ?

    Hi Leslie and thank you very much for your statement, it is just the same which have taken all my friends here in Europe ;) A more accurate ID is currently not possible.
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    June 2010 POTM Contest!

    Hi Bren :flower:
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    Periclimenes Species ?

    I don't know. So, what do you think it is? A shrimp of course, a cleaner shrimp, that's for sure .... but which one? The pic was taken in Sulawesi - Lembeh street. At first I thought of Belize, but that is incorrect. My dive-diary says Lembeh street - Sulawesi.
  8. Clarkii fry's short befor they hatch ;)

    Clarkii fry's short befor they hatch ;)

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    need once again your help !

    Hi buddies, perhaps I should briefly describe my impressions on this ID! I think the ID, at least concerning the assignment to the species, is correct. There are no really good pictures of this kind so far, all images I could find are from Randall and only good to count the spines of the fin's...
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    ~Woody's 120 Escapade~

    Hi Doni-Marie, just stopping in ;) Nice reservoir you have, looks very similar to mine ;) . Do you mix your fresh salt water in the tank underneath?
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    sambrinar's 75 gals office sanity

    Hi Bren, just stopping in ;)
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    Lynn and Frank's saltwater adventure.

    Hi Lynn, just stopping in ;) Try GIMP , there is not missing much on the quality of Photoshop CS5 and the best .... it's FREE !
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    A 55G link in the Golden Chain

    Really, really nice pictures Jeff :hallo:
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    need once again your help !

    Hi Buddies, of course befor I asked here on RS I have searched all available sources, including fishbase. As even IFM GEOMAR, one of the most renowned institutions in Germany could not help, I also in all my books on fish identification (and I'm really have as good as any recent) could find...
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    June 2010 POTM Contest!

    @goldenmean nice shot Jeff ;), who knows how choose the user ultimately ? Already been reached the strangest Results. So, who knows ? But, which of the three images should I use? Cirrhilabrus scottorum Pterosynchiropus splendidus Amphiprion clarkii -...