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    Chaeto in tank

    you know, I tried chaeto but my tank is so low in nutrients I can't get it to grow. I take that is a good thing, but my ball of chaeto has never grown any. it hasn't died, but it hasn't grown.
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    Purple tang or powder blue

    I love my purple tang. if you put them into your new tank at the same time so they settle in together you should be fine. when you have trouble is if one is established and you try adding one. then all hell tends to break loose. I don't think you can go wrong with either tang. they are both...
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    Hammer emergency ... Maybe?

    all the stress of this fresh water and stuff has to be harmful, I believe. the thing is if something stresses a hammer they can go south quickly. I got a new order and one of the corals, a Fiji leather came in and was in bad shape. hoping to save it, I dripped it and put it in anyway. by the...
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    29 gallon reef tank with possibly death Of devils hand coral

    it isn't dead. soft corals come apart at the seams when the die. it simply isn't happy at the moment. get it out of the direct pounding of the powerhead, and leave it alone. it should do its thing and start coming out of it. soft corals desolve when the die often looks like skin peeling off.
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    Jebao wp40 review

    do the wp's have a battery back up? I mean that is what attracts me to the mp's and has me considering the big investment.
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    ohiojeff's reef

    here is a you tube video of my reef
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    ohiojeff's fluval edge

    baffles are in, time to leak test...
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    Mandarin seems to be getting thinner

    curse the water conditioners! I hate it. They claim to make tap water safe, and they don't. RODI systems seem expensive to someone starting out so they get sucked in and then have trouble. naturally the LFS that is all about making money too often is more than happy to feed into the whole game...
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    Purple tang!!!! I'm hoping not ich

    definitely lat line. I got an emperor with it as a good deal once and I have him for years. shops mark down these fish. if you got a good deal on it, then you knew what you were buying, and it isn't the end of the world. with good diet and water he will heal and recover. it isn't contagious...
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    Deep Sand Bed or Not?

    i run just a little sand. i cant say that i tried a deep sand bed. the reason is simple, todd at reefsystems helped me get things together when i was struggling, and he hates sand. i always advise newbies to find someone they trust and listen to them. the reason is that there are a lot of...
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    I have a 56 gallon column tank and need help on lighting for corals

    for high light corals you need more than a four bulb fixture. you will need at least a six bulb one for a 30" deep tank.
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    New purple queen anthias let's see what I can do

    when I managed the fish store, the owners would send stuff home with me that wouldn't eat. in the calm, stabile environment of my tank I was often able to save them. built up quite a collection that way. I could never afford an emperor or blue ribbon eel otherwise, but they were beloved for...
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    ohiojeff's fluval edge

    thanks. I still have a long way to go, but so far, so good.
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    ohiojeff's fluval edge

    and the stand opened up.
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    ohiojeff's fluval edge

    well, I have to change gears a bit here. I always wanted to do the fluval, but I have to manage my energies here. for a couple of years now, I have had this idea of selling an all in one system with everything to keep a reef. I am putting together a prototype tank. it is coming together...