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    The Ultimate Reef

    Those pictures were hosted by a friend's site. When he moved the site to another server, they were all gone along with a few hundred pictures I had there. I still ahve the large file version of all those pictures in my computer, but sitting down to re-size them all again is not on my agenda...
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    SPS pics

    Chris: Can you post a link to that dip you are talking about? I looked in Tyree's site and can't find anything about it except the lugol dip he recommends for the acros.
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    Playa's Reef

    I heard through the local grape vine he has had some major and serious personal and family issues, for which I would like to say I pass my sympathies. Keep the chin up and move on man. Life goes on. As far as his tank goes, they believe he does not even have it set up anymore. After the...
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    SPS pics

    Chris: Did you get rid of the monti eating nudis? How? I ahd those freaking things and either killed or made me throw out my rainbow monti, superman monti, leng sy cap, and every other cool monti I had. I have been very hesitant to start adding montis in fear of getting them again.
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    Mystery wrasse question

    I would say sell it. Setting up another tank for a single problematic fish is an inpractical proposition in my book. I ahve one these guys that I bought at the LFS. He is very peacefull, but they did tell me they get aggressive towards other wrasses. That alone is the reason I have not bought...
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    750g SPS tank

    oldsaint: Come on by. Just tell the girl at the ticket booth that you know me and she'll knock a 10% off the admission LOL................
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    750g SPS tank

    I've been around. Just not posting as often these days LOL................
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    750g SPS tank

    Well, since I already started a thread elsewhere about the tank, I will post a link to it instead of trying to do it all over again here. Enjoy and I welcome comments and questions. :bigbounce :bigbounce :bigbounce
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    Looking for large pump

    Spooda420: Well, I have a deal for you. I'll send you a PM.
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    180 The Simple Way

    Travis: Your set looks good. If you want to add invertebrates and go cheap, do what the rest of us do: buy them online via Very cheap and good. Never had a DOA with hundreds literally of stuff shipped. Softies and LPS are great and certainly have very different requirements...
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    harelequin shrimp

    Awesome shrimp. Great behavior. I ahd 6 in my previous tank. Hardly ever saw them except for when I would add the sar fish to the tank. It is like they could smell it the moment it hits the water. They may become very territorial as they pair up or when eating. I quickly found that if I added...
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    FIRE!!! Yikes!!!

    Curt: Another tip is to try to put all your electrical outlets and connections in the complete opposite side of the room where water is the least likely or impossible to get to. Somehow somewhere down the road, you (as we all do) will have a flood. This way water cannot get to the electrical...
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    FIRE!!! Yikes!!!

    Curt: Glad to see this had the better outcome of the 2 possible ones. When I got an electrician to do my extra breakers for the tank, I asked him to build me a large box with 40 or so outlets. He laughed and told me I would be wasting a huge amount of money if I did that. I told him what...
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    Schooling fish

    Just so you know, most if not all fish that school will eventually stop schooling in your tank. They may ahng out together for the most part or just sometimes, but they will stop schooling. The schooling behavior is something adopted by fish in natural environments to avoid predation. They will...
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    Tavis, Your Expertize needed!

    No coffee?? What are you made of? You can't be a real man LOL.......... Not drinking coffee is a felony is some countries LOL............. Very nice shot though.