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    Blue Zoo Aquatics

    Thanks for the post! I have not bought from Blue Zoo yet; I was planning on getting some CUC from them (yes, I love John at Reefcleaners, but USPS does not provide overnight delivery here) One note on the pistol shrimp - they are not as big as you might expect, and they hide exceptionally...
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    Is Starphire Glass worth it?

    Starphire is a matter of personal taste IMO. The thicker the glass, the more pronounced the difference is. But the lighting will have more of an effect than the glass in how things look. Its very subjective
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    Anemones Nocturnal ????

    Virtually no anemones are nocturnal. Most of them are photosynthetic and get the majority of their nutrition by light. The exception to this would be the tube anemones, cerianths. If the anemone shrinks during the day, maybe the lighting is not to its liking. What sort of nem and what kind...
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    XM 250w on Probe start ballasts?

    SE or DE? The SE bulbs should work on an M58 ballast. I don't think the DE bulbs will, which could be where the contradiction is. If it were me, I would get a electronic ballast. They use less electricity and pay for themselves in savings.
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    Clown's Indo-Pacific Lagoon

    Sorry to say my tank maintenance has fallen behind due to an injury. Should be up and about soon and will to get everything back to normal and pictures up.
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    Wild V. Domestic

    Anemones need to be the right species for clowns to bond with them. There are only 10 species of anemones that are hosts. Can you better identify the anemone species? As far as wild versus domestic clowns, clowns that are not the alpha male or female will remain juvenile their whole lives, so...
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    Looking for a great protein skimmer......

    I had a BH300f and a Remora in the past. Now using a Warner Marine H1 and much prefer it over all the others. Not as finicky as the BH300F; quieter and better producer than the Remora
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    why is cyano bad?

    Some species of cyano give off toxins so it can be bad in large amounts
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    free banded serpent star

    Wondering if the mandarin wasn't ill. They have a toxic slime; they are brightly colored to advertise that they are poisonous to eat. Not many things predate on them. If I was around your area would help you out. Sorry
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    NW Impeller Replacement For Aquabee UP2000

    could try some of the bubble magus dealers. Some of their skimmers used the aquabee
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    T5 4bulb lighting combo

    The GE 6500 daylight cuts the blue of the blue plus very well. You could do something like an ATI blue plus, ATI aquablue special, UVL actinic white, and a GE 6500 daylight. Could substitute a KZ Fiji Purple for the actinic white.
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    Best Lighting for 72 gallon bowfront?

    You might still go hamilton if you can hang pendants. Cayman Sun with a Radium 20k bulb and a Galaxy ballast would not be too expensive. Two pendants would light your tank Softies wiill do fine too once adjusted. Softies will do well under low lighting, but also do well under strong lights. I...
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    Best Lighting for 72 gallon bowfront?

    If you were just doing softies I might say get a good T5 fixture; but the BTA would do better under MH. Might checkout Catalina lights. Good bang for the buck.
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    New 75g 48" long setup - need opinions

    The technology Remoras use (spray injection) is pretty noisy as skimmers go. I have an SWC skimmer - an Extreme 160 cone, and it is practically silent. This is on my 90. I will be getting a second one for an 80 I am putting together. If you have a sump, definitely get an in-sump skimmer...
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    Soon to be the proud owner of a 300 Gallon Acrylic :)

    Sounds cool. Last powder blue I had was eaten by a carpet, so I would be careful how I plan the species. Tangs are not very smart around nems. They see a bit of algae they want and just get too close.