Squatch's Continuing Adventure with a 40g breeder


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Beautiful !


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You can see your system growth, nice nem, or is it a torch?
They are some sort of "green with pink bubbly tips" anemone. The others are RBTA. My tank is slowly turning into an anemone tank. I just noticed today that I had one more than I have in this photo.

Beautiful !
Thanks! Total bare bottom is incredibly easy to maintain. I am really glad I went this route based on my time available.

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I have been out of town working the last 2 months. My wife has taken care of 2 jobs. Daily water top off, and 1 small weekly filter change in the sump. There was an emergency where the sump return pump failed, but I talked her through replacement on the phone.

I had new lights delivered, and installed them this morning. This is the most actinic I have used in a very long time.

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I was totally out of town for a bit over 5 months for work, with very very infrequent and small changes every other month. I have had a lot of time off the last 45 days, and have been feeding very well, and cleaning considerably. The colors since I changed the bulbs has gotten considerably better. Growth seems to have slowed down a bit in the last 6 months, but its been fairly unstable. Nothing has died, though the "blue ridge" coral on the right side has recession fairly heavy on one part, and I am keeping an eye on it.

Lots of random small tube worms and sponges. I think I have all of the bristleworms. They all come out to eat at the same time, and they are everywhere. Its pretty cool looking.

The anemones wander around and are fun to watch. I have more of them right now than I feel comfortable with, but I am committed. Anemones are like tattoos. Once you have too many, you might as well use a laser to get rid of them.

The clown fish are incredibly mean. I don't wear gloves, but I am thinking about it. These peckers have broken my skin, and I have thick skin. I don't know a thing about them, like what color they will be or if this is it with random black and not just orange and white. They were $5/pair as juveniles a few years ago.

I need more crabs and snails. Id like to get an arrow, and some other shrimps, or anemone crab. Crusty crabs are always welcome.
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I looked at past photos, and since changing the bulbs out, the colors have become more pronounced.

I cleaned up the unsightly algae on the bottom pane. I usually don't mind it, since its never on the rocks. Its a downside of having a bare bottom is that I now have to think about the bottom glass also.

Lockdown photograph updates:


Blue Ridge coral: tissue started receding on the "plate" when I was out of town working. Seems to have stopped for now.


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Beautiful FTS! I dig the bare bottom look. Are you trying to grow a zoa carpet or something similar?
Thanks! I can't seem to get zoas to grow quickly, but my acans are really getting huge. The goal was to keep things off the glass, and they are outgrowing the table I made for them. I was soon getting ready to mount them onto the rocks just to get them off of the bottom glass. The clowns have been laying eggs the last few months, and are INCREDIBLY mean. I had to reach in yesterday to re-mount a powerhead and the buggers broke skin at least 10 places.

On a side note: I have way too many pink pocci frags, and anyone in mid-state PA USA that is interested in trade, feel free to hit me up.


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Haha I did see all those pocci frags, thought you had a fetish or something.

Love me some PA though....... grew up in the poconos, went to PSU (obviously!)