rsm 130 rear & main tank water level

Discussion in 'Red Sea Max Owners Club' started by Jax, Jul 31, 2017.

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    I have the original Red Sea Max 130 (Not C or D).
    Has no side window to check water level.

    I have gone hoodless & keep the water level in the tank to the bottom of the black trim.
    My question is, for the water in the back of the unit, how high should it be?
    Mine is level with the tank water, is this how it should be or should it be lower where the water flows down thru the filtration and into the skimmer rather then the same level of the tank.

    It looks as if my chamber to the right of the skimmer where the water flows thru from the tank is the highest chamber of water(Level to the tank). Then the chamber to the left of the skimmer is a little bit lower, then the chamber to the far left is a little bit lower. Its like the chambers are all about a half inch lower then the chamber before.

    Should they be even?
    Should the water level in the rear be lower?

    I don't know if this has anything to do with my skimmer not working at all but I have heard that water level is key for these things to work properly. Im not getting any skim into the cup. The valve is all the way off the air line and the grate is all the way down. Pumps are working and skimmer sounds like a jet pulling air from the valve line, just nothing makes it into the cup.

    Tap in & let me know what water levels work best for you!
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    I had the 130D model... but you might try... raising the gate very high and adding more sw

    see what some 130 owners suggest... the D model (deluxe) came out in 2009, if you search for and read post in the RSM club from 2005-2008, in all post... you will be reading about your tank - hope this helps !
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    I have the same model as you do. You will want to run the water level a tad under the top of the glass (5mm below the rim or so). Adjust water level by raising the gate and addin SW just like nanoreefing4fun said
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