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    Witty's Monster 210 Experiment

    great so theres technically 2 witfulls in this forum
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    logan @ 6 months

    they grow oh so fast :( hes 30 inches and almost 20 lbs :O
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    Reefer Thanks for 2005

    that my neighbors consist of a electriction, a plumber, and a garbage man... why do you ask, cuz i didnt burn my house down by even trying to do all the electrical work, i only flooded my basement once, and if anything dies i can gie it to my garbage man b4 it even stinks up the garbage :)
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    Witty's Monster 210 Experiment

    i posted and now it is gone lol
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    logan @ 6 months

    just a shot of logan sportin his favorite teams jersey hope you enjoy
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    Witty's Monster 210 Experiment

    not to hijack this but i just saw this at the top of my screen... Hello mnreefman it looks like you haven't posted in a while. Why not take a few moments to ask a question, help provide a solution or just engage in a conversation with another member in any one of our forums? Don't force me to...
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    been awhile

    lol its fun but dang you got no time for nothin
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    been awhile

    hey guys n gals, its been awhile since i have been on, just so dang busy... no one told me being sa home owner and father would be so......... busy.... lol anyway logan is great 6 months in 5 days.... i cant believe its been that long already... tank was up but ive run into plumbing problems...
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    my new beginings

    sry for not updating this i almost got the plumbing done.... its been a real slow process.... so much going on in my life im about to have a crisis... lol anyway... just wanted to pop in and say hi
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    well, its cute- but what is it?

    you awnsered it..... featherdusters
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    OT: Happy Birthday ......

    yup yup... happy birthday!
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    Sump cleaning?

    i dont have a sump for my tank, however i did clean out the sump for my house today
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    omg.... sick.....just sick.....
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    to give and get karma

    thats always me :)
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    New Tank Underway

    pics are a must!!!! that tank is gunna be schweeeeeet