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    what is a good fish to add

    they can be aggressive towards fish of the same shape or smaller fish but I like the Purple Pseudochromis colorful, hardy, and cheap plus they can get through the small nooks in the tank others cannot......they stay fairly small also
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    Anyone ever bitten by a trigger?

    my good friend lets his 6" blue jaw bite him at feeding time.....doesnt usually draw blood his hands are very callous from masonry work....I wouldnt do it triggers are definitely taking a good chunk out if they get you.....:chainsaw:
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    what is a good fish to add

    well i wouldnt get any fish from a lfs that sold a koran as a coral beauty they dont even look close.....what size tank are we talking
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    March '09 POTM Contest!

    here is my aussie sea apple under actinics:whstlr:
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    Looking for a Sea Apple

    I have had a sea apple for quite some time with no ill effects....fairly easy to care for if you ask me.....
  6. aussie sea apple

    aussie sea apple

    my sea cuc filtering
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    teddy bear crabs....

    well I wont be adding him to my reef.....but if I can cinvince my lfs to let me have him I will feed him to my Mantis shrimp and undulated trigger:bluenod:
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    teddy bear crabs....

    Are the furry teddy bear crabs about the size of a silver dollar reef safe? My lfs has a cool one but they dont know and their invert book didnt have them listed....
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    Most active Sand swifting goby

    diamond gobies and bullet gobies......the diamonds being better.....but you will only need one unless you have a 200gal or better tank...
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    I couldnt resist.....the addiction took over

    its all good the angel is just fine and the trigger stopped trying to eat him ill post a pic when I get a good shot.....he moves too fast for the camera....
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    I couldnt resist.....the addiction took over

    the trigger is about 8" and the angel is 3".....I did heavily feed the trigger before letin the angel loose but the angel went right for the triggers lair....the trigger is suprisingly happy in the too small 94 but I had to do alot of aquascaping to make caves big enough for him to swim right...
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    I couldnt resist.....the addiction took over

    well in retrospect it was probably not a great idea to buy the fish it is well and happy but not for crosshatch wants to eat it for lunch.....the angel is hiding very well but it may just be a matter of time.....the trigger almost got him but he went in a small cave ......the trigger...
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    I couldnt resist.....the addiction took over

    well I stopped by my LFS just to get feeder snails for my mantis and ended up coming home with a very nice, healthy, eating well Eidli was there for quite a while and he gave it to me for $30 (it was tagged $50) I am acclimating him now pics to follow.....BTW has anyone tried one of...
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    crontrolling hair algae

    sea hare or emerald crab.....both have pluses and minuses.....
  15. my duncan....under actinics

    my duncan....under actinics