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hello everyone, just got a email from travis reminding me that i havent posted yet, i dont even really remember registering here to tell you the truth, unfortunately i havent been real active with my tank in a while. i still do a water change from time to time and i wipe the glass everyother day or so, but other than that i just let it go, i still enjoy to look at it, which i do probably everyday, i top the small sump off everymorning and add my bionic which i have done for almost the 4 1/2 years the tanks been running. As far as adding anything new, havent in probably a year and a half, its overgrowing and everything is crowding together. ive also got a few algea issues, mainly bubble algea. i have a small urchin skimmer in the sump which i really dont even keep clean all that much, so most the time its not really foaming at all. ive found that over the last year or so ive removed alot of stuff that i though i couldnt do without in the beginning, such as carbon, and the miracle mud and algea (cant remember the name of it, but it was supposed to be a benificial type) from the sump. of course i do have the algea issues now so i guess i should have kept up with it. I do still make my own ro/di for topoffs and water changes and keep up with the filters on that. anyway just thought id say hello, i used to frequent the RAG quite a bit back in the day, havent visited there in quite some time either. ive posted some pictures in my gallery, almost didnt want to after looking at some of the awesome tanks the members here have. maybe ill find a reason to put some more effort into my tank one of these days.


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:hallo: jblitz99 :) Nice tank! you should offer up some fragging.


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you know i just realised that i posted this in the wrong place, lol. how embarassing, can you tell that was my first post. sorry guys guess somebody can move it.


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Just joined as I am setting up a 180 reef tank. Have tried salt water before with limited success fish only. The tank came with a Oceanic Pro Series Model 6 skimmer. Is this a decent skimmer or should I begin to look elsewhere, as I haven't started teardown. Was looking into a 2nd tank as a refugium. Is there such a thing as too big? Also, what are the do's and don'ts of a refugium at another level other than the tank? Tank will be fish only with maybe a small amount of live rock for hiding. Any help is appreciated. Been involved in fish for 35 years usually 1-3 tanks at a clip.


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First Post.

My Hubbie Is The One With The Tank But I Guess I End Up Doing Just As Much If Not More!! Lol


2 Clownsm, Spotted Mandarin, 1 Ghost Goby, 1 Lemonpeel, 1 Cleaner Shrimp, 1 Blood Shrimp, 1 Leather Coral, 1 Finger Coral, 2 Star Polyps, 1 Pussey Coral, 1 Bubble Coral, 1 Malu Nem.

Did Have Sailfin Tang, Firefish, Cleaner Wrasse And Majestic Angel, But Just Lost Them All To White Spot!! Not Happy!!!


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My first post!! Hi! My husband and I had a 50 gallon saltwater tank that we thoroughly enjoyed and we thought, hey - the bigger the better right? So, we got a 215 gallon (which proved to be a whole different ballgame) and after the birth of my 2nd daughter, we had to sadly sell it as we had no time to keep it up!
And here we are again starting over with a 50 gallon. We only have a lawnmower blenny, two small clowns, and a few corals. On our latest coral addition we got a hitchhiker and I was embarrassed when I realized I couldn't remember what it was...and in my defense I don't think I've ever seen one this big..SO, I thought I'd join a community as I am sure this won't be my last question. Thanks for reading!! Oh, and I guess I post my picture on the hitchhiker id forum? I'll try that.
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