Little Brown, Flat, Stupid, Annoying Worms!


So I imagine other people have had this problem before and I was looking for possible solutions. I have quite a few small, brown flatworms on my euphylia and I was wondering about possible removal options? I have iodine, so I can treat them with that, I was just wondering if there are any fish that eat them or other solutions (rather than trying to gently suck them off with a baster)


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Not sure about natural predators of flatworms but there's always Flatworm eXit if you want to kill them all.


a 6-line wrasse is a natural predator of them

Be careful with FWX because if you have a MASSIVE die-off you can have some water parameter issues. I would try other means first. :)


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Double dose of Flatworm exit! You'll need to run carbon and do a big water change though because of the toxins relesed.

When I first dosed the tank, following the instructions, I was not sucessful in killing all of them and the population rebounded in huge numbers. I had to do a double dose the second time around to elliminate them and I haven't seen one since. I can't say how long it's been.....maybe a couple months.