Anybody using 2 kessil 360we on a RSM 250?

Discussion in 'Red Sea Max Owners Club' started by Jax, Mar 7, 2019.

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    2 kessil 360we with kessil conmtroller.
    Red Sea Max 250 with live rock about half way up from the sand bed.
    mixed coral, most softies, on rock and on sand .

    Question is, if I am using kessil goosenecks, how far apart from center of the tank should they be placed for best spread, and how far from the water surface should they be placed & finally what should be controller ramp up and down colr / inten schedule look like?

    Tank Dimensions (LxWxH) 960 x 552 x 665 mm (38 x 21 x 26.2”)

    Where are you guys clamping the kessil goosenecks on this thing? The rear plastic is so thin, will it hold? I dont want my lights to fall in the tank lol!
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    Exact placement of the fixtures is very subjective, since it depends upon the aquascape to a large extent. To start with I'd center each one centered over half the tank. In other words, the spacing would be something like this -

    1/4 the length of the tank, first fixture, 1/2 length, second fixture, 1/4 length.

    From front to back stat them centered and adjust until you have the effect you want.

    That's a place to start, but don't be afraid to adjust that as needed to light your tank best.
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