"Why are my Zoanthids closed?" - Care, Pests, and Troubleshooting


Just found a couple of Nudibranches on my polyps and was searching for some help when I came across this write up. Really helpful and informative, thank you


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Thanks for Bumping... I refer any member with zoa problems to this thread, the best write up I have ever read !!!


Thanks for this guide! I've been hunting craps for the big gold medal the last days, trying to find what tore down my zoids. 7 dead crabs later and still crappy zoids, i came over this post, and learned about Nudis. So i checked my zoids for nuids and they were INFESTED with them. Stange thing, when you know what to look for you find it, and vice versa.


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Thanks for the info, one of my zoa colonies is starting to close up, and I panic and have been trying to get the water cleaner cleaner, (my local FS told my any nitrates/phosphates are bad bad bad) Will try feeding them some more food and see how they respond.


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Zoas are so pretty! Good info, this does need to be a "sticky" :)
Just bumping it up for other Zoa lovers :bump:

Edit: HEY, it's already a sticky ;)


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Pretty sure I seen a similar post and someone posted a link to this thread yaya!
Good stuff n stuff.


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Nice guide, very helpful.
But still, I would love to share one mine experience... When I moved from Europe to Tobago (Caribbean island) where I currently live, I was shocked when I visited one amazing beach. In fact it's a small bay with very shallow water (for the most part of the bay water is knee-deep or waist-deep)!
That shallow water is full of corals - all kind of corals, and, what is most fascinating for me - countless Zoanthid colonies! Like a carpet!
Why am I saying this?
The point is that some of them live in very small - few centimeters deep hols in the rocks on the beach! Unbelievably! In small hols on the strong Caribbean sun - can you imagine temperature in those hols? And they are wide open!
Also, they live everywhere in that shallow water....

Also I was curious and I tested water quality on that reef and on many other reefs around the island - and I was very surprised that many reefs don't have such a perfect water quality at all! Ammonia was present in some of them (especially in that shallow reef) - believe it or not! But still, everything is very alive!

My point is - people, maybe we pay too much attention to the water quality and all those things. Everywhere on the internet where i read about reef aquariums I read all the time about water chemistry... quality.... but even in the nature itself water is not perfect!

One more interesting thing - on all reefs here salinity is much higher. Usually specific gravity is around 1.030 or even higher!

It's lover on some beaches which are not near coral reefs....

Yeah, I took few Zoanthids from that shallow bay/reef an put them in the aquarium, and after few minutes they were wide open. And after few months they look very happy.
Only problem which I have is bluehead wrasse which (from the reason unknown to me) loves to swim above Zoanthids all the time and often he touches them, and they close! First I thought maybe he likes to swim in the water flow, but even when I moved Zoanthids he just suddenly changed his swimming route and there he is - above zoanthids again! I even think to get him out of the aquarium!