UV Sterilizer Schedule?

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  • 24/7 Constantly

    Votes: 19 61.3%
  • Night time only

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  • Day time only

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  • ....used only when disease strikes

    Votes: 4 12.9%
  • ....used only for a few weeks at a time

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  • ....used only when new fish are added

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Woodstock,,, In your post # 30. The picture I noticed you have the UV hooked up after the sump... Im trying to debate or figure out if a UV sterilizer would or can go before the sump... Im not sure if it really matters and Im not saying yours is wrong by any means... Im thinking more of the pods/ bugs getting to the tank or will this not be an issue?

This is my first inline Uv Sterlizer and not sure where it should go..

We got almost all of the plumbing done for the sump and refugium and the Uv sterilizer for my tank is after the sump as well.... I woke up in the night and thought or wondering if that would minimize the bug to the tank at all? Gotta keep my mandarin happy... lol

Any input is great.


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I agree that my UV probably kills any pod larvae returning to the tank so if that is a concern, you would want to plumb it another way.
Growing pods is not my main objective, reducing waterborne parasites is.
All of my fish eat prepared foods so I know they are getting the nutrition they need.
However, even with the UV in place, at night I see many, many pods in both the refugium and the main display.

Plumbing a uv before the sump should work fine...


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You still see alot of pods in the main tank??? Good thing... I would rather have my Uv after the sump/refugium , It will work much better with the space That I have.... Im wandering if anybody else as well gets a good pod population back to the main tank with it set up this way?.. Hopefully the little buggers will be ok.??????


The Wand Geek was here. ;)
Oh yeah.. lots of bugs in the main display! My refugium in the sump is for growing macro alga.
If I had a mandarin or other pod-eating fish that did not eat prepared foods, I would probably change the UV schedule from 24/7 to early mornings for about 6 hrs or so.


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First of all you should get general information about sanitizers and UV light. For example on this website:

I'm not trying to blast a new member making their first post, but you should consider the following.

This thread is 13 years old. Some things have changed over that period of time.

Many of the people posting on this thread are serious hobbyists with many years of experience and experts on SW reef systems, which is the reason this whole forum exists.

UV use in a SW reef system is a lot different that the in home product page you link to. In a reef system the UV used is usually at much higher levels, since it need to penetrate water.

Now I can't speak for anyone else, but I would value the advice given for SW reef system by the members here much more than I would a seller of consumer products, not made for aquarium use.