Two step verification is back, why?


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Logging on today, I noticed that I had to go through two step verification again. Is this really needed for a forum where we are talking about reef aquariums?

I have posted my thoughts on this before, see this link -

This really makes using the forum a lot less fun, and I don't see this being done on any other aquarium related forum I visit.


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@Travis not sure what happened here, maybe something reverted.

@DaveK give us a little to look into it. I haven’t experienced it.

Thanks for your patience.

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Perhaps I just don't see the two-factor step because I always choose the option to stay logged in... In the interest of troubleshooting, could you please provide some screen shots of what the two-factor prompt looks like, Dave?


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@DaveK I didn't intentionally bring it back, I just need to troubleshoot why you're seeing it.
This is strange. I didn't have to go through the two step verification today. I don't understand why. I'll just have to see if it happens again. It sure was strange. If I get it again I'll get some screen shots.

One thing to consider, I do use a linux based system and firefox to access the web. It's possible one of them changed something that the forum server software didn't quite like.