Two step verification, IMHO this has to go or be made optional.

Do you think two step verification on Reef Sancturary is ...

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  • something I don't like and it will reduce my activity here

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In logging on to Reef Sanctuary earlier today, I noticed that it now requires two step verification. I find this to be a total pain in the neck to do every time I just want to take a look at the forum. It really takes a lot the fun out of it. This is not something like my bank account or other account where there is a lot of critical personal information.

Now, I could see this being done the first time someone sets up an account, or maybe after someone has been inactive for a very long time. However, in it's present form it takes the forum to the point where it's more trouble then it's worth to logon to it.

I suggest that two step verification should be made optional, or done away with entirely. As a side note, you may have noticed that the regular forum activity is somewhat down. I believe that two step verification will only decrease activity.

@Travis, please consider removing or making this feature optional. Thanks.

Final notes - I have included a poll with this post. Vote for your feelings about this issue. If anyone wants to have a private conversation about this with me, they are welcome to PM me or email me.


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Hey @DaveK I was playing with the features of the upgraded software. I was trying to solve for email issues that have caused people to not complete registration, so I thought 2-step verification was only on registration. No big deal, I'll turn it off!