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I can tell you first hand too stay away from the 16k kit
I bought this and ran it for a few months and all of my corals looked terrible.
There simply is not enough white LEDs in this kit even running the LEDs at higher values only bleached the corals directly under them and not to the sides.

I had to switch my LEDs out and now feel like I wasted a huge amount of money.


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Diemaker, it's unfortunate to hear of this. It is indeed easy to bleach corals if not properly acclimated. Also, just as the description indicates the 16,000K is very blue. When asked, I rarely recommend this LED combo. It is used for a very specific purpose of growing corals fast at the expense of them not looking great under this color spectrum, but those fast growing corals will look great under all of the other spectrums.

We can swap out the LED combination quite easily and inexpensively, no reason to toss out the LED system.

Please email me at



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I received your email and have sent details on how we can get the swap arranged. We'll have you up and running with the LED system EXACTLY how you want it in no time.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to assist you.



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I went with 14k, but I seriously considered the JMB option. I'm happy with my choice, but maybe I would have been happy either way.

If I were doing it again, I think the only two options I'd consider would be the 14k or 14k JMB.

Let me know how you like it. :)


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Ok I stand correct on this issue thanks to Jeff I did order the 14K JMB kit and not the 16K kit so disregard what I said eariler about the 16K kit.

I will be talking with him to see how I can resolve my issue's

One thing I can say for sure is I've have very prompt service from Jeff


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The mystery deepens! So your 14K kit was too blue? Be interesting to see what Jeff's feedback is whether there is something wrong with the kit or if they often look quite blue?


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to ReefSanctuary, a real Sanctuary of reef forums, with lots of very nice members

Start a new tank thread & share your tank with us so we can follow along - we love pics :)

Love mine :nessie:

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I've had my RSM250 for about 10 months now and had the good fortune when I got the tank from a fellow reefer of it having the full spectrum Steve's led's system already installed by him.
The only bad part was he had no paperwork on the lights or the Typhoon controller so with doing a lot of reading here on RS and the Steve's site I finally got the lights & controller working to my satisfaction. I really like the being able to tweek on the controller as to times and intensity.
I also purchased 2 spare squirrel cage cooling fans from Steve's that fit the aluminum tube with led's attached, I got them just to have in the event one dies on me I won't have to scramble to get a replacement mailed out. Thanks Steve's for the proactive suggestion.
Love these Led's :celebrate: