So you want a tang?


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Great thread and lots of good info. I want to have a few tangs for my 180 after its been up for a while. One of them may be a yellow tang per my wife's request (happy wife, happy life :D) I'll have to figure out who will be compatable with him and what they look like. :)


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So I just read this post and realized I was the first to post here 8 years ago..... Too funny!


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i got a powder blue and was wondering about a geting a sec. great info.thanks when i first introdused it thow i had 10 greern cromises now 2 the tang hounded them till thay jumped out after a fue days it calmed down now its to bussy eating to bother anyone


Nope . Not the same as a powder brown. Another name for a Mimic tang , is a Chocolate tang, or the scientific name Acanthurus pyroferus. They grow to around 7-8 inches. Great fish too, quite peaceful for a tang.