So you want a tang?

I bought a sailfin tang several years ago when i first set my tank up- and although his/her? sailfins sort of melted off his body(the fish guy claims it happens to this fish sometimes) and never grew back, he has become the senior member of our tank, and he got kind of chunky, but not very much longer. He has excellent appetite(never misses a feeding) and he is generally peaceable- even with the new little tang(I am not certain of the species) that I recently added. He also eats mostly anything I feed them. All in all, I would buy another sailfin tank if i was setting up a tank again.


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My sailfin is wonderful and is now living in the giant LR container at the LFS. It is at least 500 gallons and probably more and he rules the tank. A wonderfully personably fish but was large in my tank and is now HUGE at the lfs. The fins easily stretch 8 inches vertically and it is almost 7 inche across.
Wonderful fish but be aware of their size and be prepared to accommodate it.
As much as I love the fish (who still recognizes me) I wish it had been left in the wild to have the space it truly needs.


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Thanks for the info. My first question posted on this site was about to be, "would it be possible to keep a yellow tang and a blue or hippo tang in a 75 gal?" I guess not for the hippo. That's too bad as that fish is a favorite.

Craig Manoukian

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:lookaroun Blue and yellow in a 55 Yeah BABY!

A Blue Hippo (12" Adult), and Yellow Tang (8" Adult), wiil be too much bioload for your tank with the other fish you have/are planning to get.

With live rock and sand displacement you probably have about 35 to 40 net gallons of water column. With 1" of adult fish per 5 gallons, that allows for 8 of adult fish for your tank, depending on the amount of filtration you have.


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I think/hope he is just picking on me Craig. I have given him enough grief in chat that he certainly knows better. Hopefully he won't do it after all of the lectures.


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This is an awesome thread. I had several questions about a tang in my 100. This thread has answered them all, Thank you. Shaun


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Great post Craig. I have been considering adding a tang to my tank and with your post, I am now more informed on how to take this step. Thanks.