Setting tank up and adding rock? Add all rock at once

Discussion in 'Red Sea Max Owners Club' started by Biskitman, Feb 9, 2012.

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    I am setting up a RSM 250 very shortly and need to know do I put all of the live rock in at once that I am going to use? The reason I ask, is that I am wondering if the ammonia and other chemicals throughout the cycle will kill the goodies on the rocks. I plan to use 60 pounds of rock, 40 of base live rock and 20 pounds of primo deco rock that has all kinds of life etc on it. You know the beautiful rock with all of the goodies we end up spending money on to put in our tanks. I just want to buy the rock and watch it all grow from the primo deco rock instead of buying each seperately over time. Also this would allow all to grow and cycle together, but I am wondering if my primo rock will be look plain once the cycle is done.

    I understand there is a certain amount of die off from all rock but will the good expensive rock die during the initial cycle and will I be left with rock that I shouldnt have paid extra money for? If so, when should I add the primo rock, after the initial cycle? Wouldnt this just go back through another cycle?
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