sea hare care


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diet will depend on species largely, ragged sea hares don't eat much hair algae, but go nuts for any red algae or cyano. usually it is the spotted sea hare ot the Californian Sea Hare that you come across. The Californian needs a temperate tank, hard to keep in a tropical system. The spotted sea hare needs low nitrates, no powerheads and strong intakes like they mentioned, and the tank should be free from aggressive corals and anemones. Also salinity should be kept stable, you will see them change size rapidly if it swings... run carbon in case of inking...expect to feed an adult spotted sea hare 1 quart of algae a week. Their care requirements are similar to sea horses basically... Anyway, all good info you got there ^^

what species did you have snakeman?


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Sea Hares are great for GHA but quickly use up their food source, die, then pollute the water

Long term algae control begins with managing N and P and ensuring correct light intensity and spectrum.

All my GHA disappeared when following these guidelines