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There sure are some AMAZING tanks pictured in this thread :geekin:
Been 6 months since my last post in it so here's a
FULL TANK SHOT taken this evening.
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Just can't get my iPad camera to do justice to the coral colors.

I'm surprised that picture is even from an iPad. It looks really good! My iPad pictures look terrible an even my iPhone look very blue. I need to play more with my real camera...or figure out how you got your iPad to take that good if a shot. Maybe it's your lighting...


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Thanks for posting, we all started there. More members should post fts right from the beginning like you did, so you can see progress over time!!

This is as in the beginning as I can get.

Squatch XXL

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The 40b

The 85g peninsula

I hate the color of the second set of lights on my 40g. Too blue.

The 85 is looking great, with signs of brown diatoms forming. I need to get the sump made/figured out so I can fill it up the rest of the way.
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