Reefing a RedSea (RedSea Reefer 170)

Discussion in 'Just starting out (SW Beginners)' started by BryanCLS, Nov 10, 2017.

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    Hi, Iam starting a Tank thread for the reason that I wanted to get some comment and suggestions from your guys here, I have 0 experience in this hobby and hopefully you can share some knowledge to me so I can strive on this hobby.

    I have a RedSea Reefer 170, I am using a RedSea Reef Mature kit and currenlty on my 15th day.

    RS170A.jpg RS170B.jpg

    Following are my newbie equipments:

    Skimmer: Reef Octopus SSS 110
    I am still dialling this up, I still dont fully understand how to dial this up. It does collect a lot of gunks but lately its not.

    Wave maker: Ecotech mp10wqd, I like how this work and how neat it is but I have just installed the reef link this morning and I am still figuring how to set up the schedule.
    This is the current schedule that I have.. any suggestion?

    Lighting: I dont know what model or brand is this lighting that was given to me by my friend but I am planning to get the an Ecotech Marine Radion 15 pro G4 before Christmas. Any experience on this light? Will this be enough with my tank considering having some corals soon?

    Pump: I am currently using this Sicce 2.0 pump. I am not really impressed on it yet since I thought it will be really quiet but I am still hearing some vibrations or I just need to adjust something but it works better than my previous one that only gives me 300+ GPH.

    ATO: I am still using the stock ATO that RedSea reefer 170 has. Any suggestion on what I should be getting in the future?

    I also purchase some marine balls and some bio balls that I placed in my sump. I placed the Marin balles at the 1st part of the sump where the overflow water comes first under the ATO reservior and the bioballs beneath the sock. Does this thing helps? any comment or suggestions?

    I am also planning to get a refugium in the future, a small hang on one that I can place in the sump. Also a GFO. any advice on this?

    Current problem I am experiencing:
    in 2 weeks time of cycling my tank, I have noticed some brown spots on the sand which my LFS has told me that those are Brown Algae. I have not purchased any clea up crew yet last week as a part of the Mature pro kit program since there are no algae yet that time and I was thingking that I will only be starving them if I introduce them that time, but earlier I went to my LFS to get some CUC. Are this brown Algae something I should be worried of? Its only on my sand. My sand is a live sand by the way while my rock are dry rock.

    I have introduce my first fish, a pair of Ocellaris clownfish as the first inhabitants today. My concern is, earlier in the morning, water in tank are really clear but as I came home with the fish and CUC from my LFS the tank is already cloudy. Is there a way that I can make this clear again? whats causing the cloudiness?

    Cant barely see the fish on the other side of the tank.

    Current parameter before adding the livestocks:
    Salinity: 35
    Sp Gravity: 1.025
    Temp: 78.6 (gets to 79+ during afternoon)
    PH: 8.4
    Ammonia: 0
    Nitrite: 0
    Nitrate: 5
    KH: 10dKH

    Hoping to get some advice or pointers fro you guys. If there is any suggestion or important tools or equipment that I need to add on this build please let me know. Share me your knowledge.

    Thanks a lot again!
  2. DaveK

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    To answer your specific questions -

    I'd use the stock ATO unless you have a specific issue with it. For example, if you want additional control or you just want to refill it less often.

    As long as you have enough live rock, you don't need the marine balls or bio balls. In some cases they can also be a disadvantage because they become big dirt traps and create a lot of nitrate.

    Unless you want to invest in a large refugium, save your money on those small ones. They are not really large enough to do much good. If you really want to get something out of a refugium think in terms of something that is about 1/5 to about 1/3 the maim tank volume. That way you'll get something big enough to do some good.

    Use GFO if you find that you have a phosphate problem. It's a good product though and well worth using.

    As for the algae your seeing, this is normal in a new tank. It may look unsightly, but it usually goes away in a few weeks. It's not unusual to see a new tank go through a lot of different types of algae blooms the first 6 months you have it set up.
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    Nov 8, 2017
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    Thanks DaveK.

    Anyways, as we wake up this morning and check up my tank and fishes, I saw a distinguishing white spots.




    are this Ich? what should I do with it? first day and they already got it? They look healthy last night.
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    Great start ! Pretty rock & scape - love clowns ! I would watch them ... if they were healthy at the lfs (local fish store) they didn't get ich from your new tank in a day. The cloudy water should clear, may be a bacteria bloom. Good advise from Dave ^

    here a post that maybe of some encouragement on algae in a new tank

    brown & green algae in new tanks

  5. BryanCLS

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    Nov 8, 2017
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    Thanks. Yeah, everything was doing fine until I got the fish. I might return them to the shop and treat my tank.

    Anyone here knows how to battle a fish ich in a new fish tank?
    2 clown fish and 20 clean up crews.
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    I think the tank looks good so far. I like the clowns, too. I hope they turn out to be alright...

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