Newbie: Red Sea Max 130 Reef Tank

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    Hi, so I'm new to saltwater tanks (been doing multiple freshwater tanks for years), been a diver for 15 years and finally got a tank to have my reef at home as well. Happy for any tips/tricks ideas of what you think I should do.... (never been on a forum before but have done lots of research)
    Have a Red Sea Max 130 w/
    Tunze 9002 protien skimmer
    Ehiem jager 150 w aquarium heater
    Red sea max 340 gph circulation pump
    Vortech Mp10 propeller pump
    Steve's LED lights with typhon controller and moonlighting
    In tank media basket w/
    - blue white floss
    - purigen
    - CPE

    Started tank to cycle (will be a long cycle as I am busy with work and a putting on a huge distracted driving program and out of state a couple times and dont want to rush it)
    Have RO/DI water made myself (has a tds meter) that is made from very clean well water. Just mixing the saltwater only in tank for a couple days to run pumps and get salinity right (using instant ocean reef crystals)
    Have caribsea pink fiji and bahama oolite sand, 20 lbs each to add
    Have 45 lbs of dry reef rock to add(already well cleaned by me) - I researched and choose to start dry rock because I will mostly just be cycling till beginning of December - not sure yet how to place it...
    Looking at getting from reef cleaners the all algae crew made for RSM 130 but very open to suggestions this was just recommended to me by someone else.
    Due to not really having much for LFS, have only petco/petsmart, tiny shop that has a few saltwater fish probably will have to do liveaquaria for fish. There is a local guy who sells frags of all kinds I can buy from for coral. Not planning on any anenomes at his recommendation as there are other options for a host for the clowns that are less likely to kill my coral or take over the tank.
    Fish wise I am planning on a goby/shrimp pair and at least a pair of clowns havent chose what else very open to recommendations.
    Please let me know what you think, any tips/tricks, recommendations.
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    :rbwwelc:to RS ! Post us some pics so we can follow along !
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