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    I introduce myself to you by first telling you that the most important thing you can do as a hobbyist on the Internet is to KNOW the person who is giving you advice. Internet information, like information from your LFS requires no certificate, knowledge or 'test' to sound like they know what they are doing. To protect yourself and to obtain the best advice and recommendations, you MUST be wary and know the qualifications of the person who replies to your inquiry. Let me give you an example:

    If you had a plumbing problem in the place where you live would you call for help:
    1) a general handy man you can find;
    2) a friend who has done some plumbing in the past (with or without success);
    3) a plumber who has experience and success but must sell pipe and services to live; or
    4) a licensed plumber who is certified competent AND with experience?

    This is an example of the kind of groups you face when you post an inquiry or ask for help on an Internet forum. So who would you choose? Your LFS is in group 3). Their advice may be free, but they need to sell something to keep alive.

    What if I also added the fact that each one would provide FREE advice and recommendations? You might 'listen' to what those in the groups of 1) thru 3) have to offer, but I would really suggest you follow the guidance of number 4). I am that 4) when it comes to ornamental marine fish care, disease, health, and nutrition.

    Veterinarians that have extensive experience and knowledge in ornamental marine fish husbandry are far and few between, but if you can find one of those, that would by your "5)" and pay them for their services. But for free, this is who I am:

    1960 My first freshwater aquarium;
    1968 My first saltwater aquarium;
    1969 to 1973 Ohio State Univ.
    1973 to 1982 Working in Microbiological fields
    1982 to current Working in metals fields - traveling around the world

    I have a college degree in Microbiology and Chemistry from OSU.


    In the early 1970's I conducted experiments and studies on Marine Ich (Cryptocaryon irritans) and ornamental fish diseases, the use of garlic, the use of antibiotics, the use of dips, acclimation procedures, and fish nutrition.
    After the Horge Cortes-Jorge Jr. article, Garlic versus 'Marine Ich': Diallyl thiosulfinate activity against Cryptocaryon irritans infestations of marine fish of 2000, from 2005 to 2008 inclusive I conducted some additional garlic juice tests. Fresh garlic juice might prove to be more useful.

    I used a 6-sectioned 70 gallon tank, using only the middle 4 sections. One fish in each section. All fishes of one species of Damsel. Garlic juice was of two brands off the LFS shelf except when I made my own. Juice was added to homemade food the fish were exclusively fed. Commercially prepared foods were soaked in it. All fish were healthy at first. Microscopically they seemed to be disease/parasite free and without health issues. They were then infected with Marine Ich and the experiment began when they all displayed. A ‘set’ is with each of the 4 sections contains one-fish each, test running/stopping in 3 months.

    2 sets (8) fish were tested, feeding garlic to half the fish at each feeding. 2 fish lived past 3 months; one on garlic, one not on garlic.

    2 sets (8) fish were tested, all fish were fed garlic. 1 fish lived past 3 months.

    1 set (4) fish were not fed any garlic. 1 fish lived past 3 months

    2 sets (8) fish were tested, feeding fresh garlic juice to half the fish at each feeding. 1 fish lived past 3 months.

    1 set (4) fish were tested, fresh garlic juice added to water at 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons. No fish lived past 3 months.

    Living fishes were microscopically tested and found to be infected with the Marine Ich parasite.

    1 set (4) fish were tested, no garlic juice. Given treatment with Cupramine. all 4 fish were alive at the 3 month mark. All fish tested microscopically to be free of the Marine Ich parasite.

    I cannot detect any improvement or advantage to using fresh garlic juice to help marine fish fend off Marine Ich.
    I specialize in FOWLR system and FO systems. I have handled about 1700+ marine fishes and have learned a lot about their maladies and remedies through experience, necropsy (post mortem) exams, dissection, operations under anesthesia, care, and continued college education. I have attended a few extension courses provided to veterinarians on ornamental fish husbandry and continue to attend extension courses on marine fishes in captivity.

    I was partner of an LFS in Columbus, OH in the early '70's, imported fishes from The Philippines, and helped begin the net-catching practices (to help abolish cyanide collections) there.

    I often attend conventions and hobby activities around the world, including but not limited to InterZoo in Germany, and marine husbandry organization meetings.

    I try to share my knowledge and experience with others to help their fishkeeping practices and the curing of ill marine fishes. I do not publish for renumeration, but will write long posts and informational posts on the Internet. I don't make any money nor accept any money from the hobby in any way, including speaking engagements (although I do accept one meal sometimes), articles, posts, books, etc. I don't have any (financial or business) interest in any equipment, system, food, medication, or product used, sold, or made for the hobby.

    I do presentations at club meetings and functions but have never accepted anything other than a meal for compensation. I avoid making any product recommendations or endorsements unless I think the product is one of a kind and of superior value and I have personally found does what I say it does.

    Currently I have a large system consisting of a 180, 300, 100, 150 sump, and a separate 70g QT. No pictures here on Reef Sanctuary, but photos can be found at: Lee's Marine System.

    My Internet name is leebca. My name is Lee Birch. (I go by my middle name -- my first name is William). :thumbs:

    You can Internet search my name too!
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