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Hello guys. I hope to find some answers on this forum. I am going to make my own reef tank and now I am in the process of designing Kalk Reactor. I have found this Kalk (Nilsen) Reactor DIY and I think that I will follow it. What can you say? Have you already dealt with it?


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It is quite possible to build a kalk reactor, and it's usually a fairly easy DIY project. Before you build one though, first determine if you actually need one. Depending on the size of the tank, the livestock being kept, water changes and the rest of the equipment in use, you may find that you don't need one. Yes, you'll need the tank up and running to do this, but a kalk reactor is not a critical piece of equipment, so you can leave space for one and add it later.

I looked at the design you mentioned, and can't quite visualize all the construction details. There are a few things that should be considered in a good design. Most important is that the mixing container shouid be air tight, and when in use have no air bubbles inside it. Kalk water exposed to air will quickly drop a lot of kalk out of solution. Also, kalk water dosn't really hold that much kalk. On a large system some people just run all top off water through the reactor, and the mixing is a constant process in the bottom of the reactor.

One way to get good design ideas for your own projects is to look at what is commercially available. You'll often see designs and think that's easy I can make that. Of course you also see some designs that are not so good and you wonder why they ever brought such a product to market.

Good luck on your projects.