Juan's 300G+ Aparment Reef Tank Chronicle


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A quick update.. the cycle still going :eek:

50 days so far and nitrites are still up, patience is the name of the game.

While waiting, I did some shopping at BRS today.

1. BRS 2 Part dosing package
2. BRS Jumbo reactor (GFO)
3. BRS Deluxe reactor (ROX Carbon)
4. BRS Bio Pellets.

I think it's a good time to take control over the nutrients if they decide to show up.

Also bought a Quick-Vac pro from Eheim to clean all the detritus on the sand and sump, saw a video of it and it seems really nice, have to test it.

Well, more updates once the freaking thing ends its cycle. :)


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Well, as I live in an apartment space is quite gold, I need to find a good place to put the QT tanks.

For the QT'ing method, I chose to go with TTM (Tank Transfer Method), which I have read that it's success rate is very high, also, very quick process to accomplish (12 days).

For this method, I need two tanks to transfer the fish (fishes) on each stage, and probably I will put up a third one a little bit bigger so after the 12 days of QT'ing with the TTM I can hold the fish in this third tank just for observation and to wait out for the DT to be ready.


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Quick update, my nitrites are still sky high, tank's been cycling for 2 months today, :(

I built a Manifold so the main pump can push water for,

1. Carbon
2. GFO
3. Bio Pellets
4. Fuge
5. Anything that comes in mind, lol.

I did paint it so it would match the sump area as well; here some pics.




And a quick image on how the rocks and sand are looking until now:

Will update when I receive all my other goodies.
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Hello everyone, some time without any updates.

FINALLY, after 80 days or so, this freaking thing ended it's cycle today :woohoo:

Here are the water parameters @ the moment:

Ammonia: 0
Nitrites: 0
Nitrates: 50
Temp: 24
Salinity: 1.022
Ph: 8.2

Pending to measure, Alk although, Ph is really stable throughout all day.

Will put in some 3ppm Ammonia tomorrow and see how the tank handles it after 24 hours, this was sure one VERY LONG cycle, hope that the amount of bacteria is really good due to this.

I will probably do a water change to lower Nitrates a little, the Bio Pellets will help with this once installed though.


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Some hardware updates as well:

I already connected the Fuge to the Manifold, here some pics.




Still need to install the light for the fuge. I will grow Chaeto here only, I always turn my back on caulerpa due to its dangers of going asexual, at least I have to learn how to take care of it in order to have it in there, also, this fuge will serve to populate copepods colonies for mandarin food in the future.

Also, installed a gate valve as well on the return pipe for some back pressure if needed for the manifold:

Here some goodies from BRS, still missing some items which are on the way. (Reactors, GFO, Carbon, etc).

I bought this three chamber dosing container from Fishstreet, it's really nice and will serve great for dosing Alk, Cal and Mg.

And bought a new Refractometer:


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Anom, nom, nom lots for the new CUC to eat :yummy:

I applaud you for your dedication to see this long cycle through. I allowed my most recent set up to go 3 months of cycle and then cuc before adding my fish fish and sps. I didn't have too bad of the ugly algae issues this time around as in the past. Perhaps due to a long cycle. I plan to watch how your plays out.