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  • Hiya Juan,

    got a question for you. I do remember you posted sort of screenshots of your VorTech settings in your thread here. I was wondering if there was some sort of software available for them to cennect/controll them over your PC since they are wireless.
    Got to say, since I have installed them, the whole tank changed completly here! It does make for sure a big difference in having a turbulant flow/current than a linear flow for sure.
    While I was setting the pumps up and remembering your tank and your rock work, it would for sure make sense to have one or two of the VorTechs on the back of your tank.


    Hiya Juan, sorry for the delay on the request. Was a few days away to visit my old man here, just came back today and then could answer your request. Btw, I still see that lil' magnet cleaner on your latest pictures LOL
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