Chalice Growth


Princess Diana
My Chalice was a "freebie" and something that I still don't know much about. :ponder2:
I guess you don't have to know anything about them for them to GROW BIG...
I'm not really wanting this one to get any bigger because I can no longer get a magfloat between it an the end glass on my tank. :confused: I have not tried to break any of it off YET.
Here's how much it has grown:
Are they easy enough to frag off of the rock that can't be easily removed from my scape?


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Yes just break it off. It's a Hollywood stunner and unfortunately I don't think you'd get anything for a trade in so I'd give it out to people. It's an extremely fast grower


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Me too! Love chalices. Some can be pretty pricey. The Hollywood stunner isn't? You have some nice colors on yours. I want more purple in my tank. Di, if we traded corals again, you'd get a LOT more sticks this time around!


I had one it grew so fast and large I wound up giving it away. Pretty aggressive sweeper tentacles as well if I remember correctly.