Blue and gold rabbitfish


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Does anyone know anything about thia fish? Its at my lfs and my fiance is really intrigued by it. I googled it and tried live aquaria with no luck. Its in the coral display so i assume its reef safe but i need way more info than lfs is able to provide before ever considering a fish ive never heard of.


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Rabbitfish are reef safe with caution. I have a customer tank with a large Foxface that eats Zoanthids like they were Skittles. Very expensive Skittles! Doesn't touch Euphyllias, SPS, Ricordea, or a Bubble Coral. I knew of another years ago that decimated a healthy Wellsophyllia. It ate over half of the tissue before it was removed. The coral was fully healthy to begin with and eventually regrew completely.
Just don't handle them with your hands. I loved my fox-face when I had it. I love all rabbit fish, I think they are beautiful. Can be aggressive towards others but for the most part a humble fish. Use with caution because some have been known to eat certain species of coral. Mine never did. But I would trade certain corals out for a beautiful rabbit-fish in my reefs.


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That is indeed a blue and Gold Rabbitfish. I have one and it's reaf and mixed friendly. They will get 10" long in a 75 gallon tank or larger. When he gets scared he can change his color to a camouflage green and dull yellow just like camo jeans you ware. He is also poisonous. His spins have venom and is very painful.