An introduction to using reef forums like this one


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Im new to all of this and i find your article extremely helpful in understanding how to use the forums. Thanks!

braden johns

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This forum is open to the whole world literally- or to anyone who want to contribute their 2c worth.

As it is not a forum whereby specially invited guests are allowed to contribute, you must accept the fact that there are all kinds of people with different English standards who just want to be heard.

So if you see any Q or A with bard speellin , juz b appy dat ya blezzed wif goad commarn of Engliz.

Don't get upset with my previous sentence. Just kidding =)


Hi Travis. I like your casual, conversational style, married with an example. As a newbie, this helped a great deal. BTW, I came across this thread when I searched, so I must be moving in the right direction!


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Very great article for beginners. Thanks for this post..