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Broke out the canon, and knocked the dust off.... (I am a professional outdoor wildlife/scenic photographer) and had a stab at my first "through the tank glass" with one of my macro lens. I'm still piddling and tweaking some of my manual settings, but it beats my phone. Lol

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Tyree Neon Green Toadie.jpg

Tyree neon green toad stool - I swear this guy has been funding my reef for past two 2 years. Seems, it likes to reproduce so I keep taking the little ones to the LFS in exchange for store credit. I found if I took the time to get them to stick to the frag plug I get more $$.

Last time I walked out with a box of Fritz RPM, a large size Chemipure Elite, and a months worth of Hikari food without paying for it... and nobody was chasing me! :)
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