180 gallon tank


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I'm new to this forum, I've only been in the hobby for a few years now. I started with a 55 gallon and moved up to a 180 gallon. It's been running for about a year now. Any criticism is welcome that's how we learn. IMG_0587.JPG


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You have a good setup. It seems to be established, no major algae issues, and the livestock seems to be doing good.

However, I think the tank theme lacks direction. In other words where do you want to end up in a few years with the system? For example you have some corals but not anything that really shows up. You have some nice fish, but some of them may not work out with corals. You also seem to have a picasso trigger in there with a banded coral shrimp.

I think your going to have to make some choices in what you want to keep in the tank. Personally, I'd get rid of the damsels. I'd also get rid of the picasso trigger. When these get large, they tend to get really nasty, and often kill every other fish in the tank. You also seem to have a juvenile angelfish of some sort, perhaps it's an emperor angel? There are quite a few fish that look similar in their juvenile form. These will tend to eat all sorts of coral and similar items in the tank.
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I agree on getting rid of the damsel I just can't seem to catch them to save my life. I have ran into a problem keeping certain corals , that's why I'm converting this into a fish only tank and starting up a reef tank for corals. Eventually years down the road we will be creating a 10' x4'x3' tank as a dividing wall , I haven't decided if I want it to be a preditor tank or keep the 180 a preditor tank and move the larger angel over to the big tank and go more community tank


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Hello Free, I'm setting up a 180 right now I hape Mine looks like yours in a year. also I have 75 that's dedicated for corals. A big Fish only display looks very nice ! I'm considering making my 180 for fish mostly.


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to ReefSanctuary, a real Sanctuary of reef forums, with lots of very nice members

Start a tank thread & share your tank with us so we can follow along, we love pics :nessie: