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'Paradise unearned is but a land of shadows!'

Fraser's Seabray Adventure |||| My Red Sea Max 130D Adventure - (Ended when upgraded to the Seabray)

EQUIPMENT: Seabray & Sump, (350ltr), 45kg Live rock, Turboflotor 1000 In Sump Skimmer, Eheim 3000, 2 x Rena 200w, Hydor Evolution 4000lph, Vortech MP10, 3 x Aquaray Marine White HD1000 Ultra's, 2 x Aquaray Blue Reef Strips,
CORALS: Mushrooms, Zoanthids, Polyps, Toadstools, Frogspawn, Hammer, Fungia, Blue Brain, Maidens Hair, Blasto,
CUC: Assorted Snails, Assorted Hermits, (2) Cleaner Shrimps,(Nip and Tuck), (2) Emerald Crabs, (Snip and Snap), Peppermint Shrimp, (Rennie) Blood Shrimp, (Ruby), Orange Starfish, (Thumbs)
FISH; Ocellaris Clowns, (Fred & Ginger), Midas Blenny, (Wiggles), Orchid Dottyback, (Guyliner), Coral Beauty, (Charlie), White Goby, (Blanche), Neon Goby, (Sticky), Green Goby, (Stripy), Peacock Wrasse, (Spotty), Herald's Angel, (Harriet), Scarlet Hawkfish, (Goggles)



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