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  • Hi there Reefmack

    i wonder if you wouldnt mind letting me know what make/model hood fans you have in your RSM130. I've had mine now for a couple of weeks from new and they still sound like a plane that is taking off ! The protein skimmer is V noisy too - but for now i'd really like to get those fans swapped out. I have already tried x2 different fan replacements. One model was really nice and quiet - but it only lasted 20mins before dieing on me - i think the current draw was to high for the low noise fan. Any help is very much appreciated. all the best
    Hey Terry!
    Back from bali and tanks all fine!!. I was going to ask what light hood do you use for your RSM 130d?
    Hey reefmack
    Reefmack i currently own the rsm 130d it has been cycling for about 3 weeks live rock was alrdy cured and my water parameters are great i have no fish but only a couple of corals that came with the live rock xenia and toad stool coral and a couple of snails, after all that! my question is, im going to barli on the 18th of july for 3 1/2 weeks without care, is there any advice you could give inregards to keeping my water quality fine while im away

    thnx reefmack kyle
    reefmack if you would check out my reply to your post concerning the coralsky leds

    Thanks for thinking of anew name for my thread.
    I guess that Harold's RSM 130D Reef would be a good name.
    Can you change it?
    How is done?
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