Tank turned 49 this year

Paul B

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I have not updated the thread in a while and since it went through some large changes I figured I would show it.
The original thread (on RC) was getting too long

You will notice almost a total lack of corals except for a few gorgonians and the addition of more than 20 gobies.
The loss of corals was due to two accidents last year while I was away for a family emergency. My Mother (who is 97) was found unconcious and we had to stay with her 24/7 for two weeks in a Hospice. I also had a problem when my town added zinc orthophosphate to my water in a large dose exhausted my DI resins.
Anyway, thats another story.
I always wanted this tank to be filled with smaller unusual gobies that would breed and just be interesting. Over the years I have kept just about all the fish that are for sale and it was time to go for something else. The problem was that I kind of like hippo tangs, moorish Idols, and copperbands so I never had the room to do this. The only larger fish I have is one hippo, a pair of Bangai cardinals and an old fire clown.
With all these smaller gobies I still have to hatch brine shrimp every day and I still also feed live blackworms almost every day.
The cardinals are breeding as are a pair of gobies. Unfortunately they do it under a rock in a part of the tank where I can't see.
Everything seems fat and healthy, the nitrates are still about zero, I still only change 20% of the water about five times a year and everything else is the same except I retired and started a part time business in December.
I will have to shrink some more pictures to put them on here
Have a great day.


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Paul B

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Thanks guys.
The tank is older than a lot of the Noobs here. It is and always has been an experiment. I just love trying new things. The tank will be loaded with gobies from now on with just a few corals. I am evolving with the tank.
I have had a tank every day of my life, even when I was in Nam I had a takn home with a large catfish in it. I grew up in my Dad's fish Market in NYC so I have always been around fish. It is not a hobby or pass time for me, it is in my blood.


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nice tank Paul, thats amazing. its about the same age as my mom, she's 40! i love those clown gobies, i cant wait until i get one, i used to watch the one in my 90g for hours.


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Oh that's just not right. Im 1 year younger than that tank and apparently on a par with JoJo's mom.

that is incredible. 38 years is something to be proud of.

... and I had to go back and check out those beer bottles again...

Paul B

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Seahorse, whats an FTS?
Varga I have a lot of pictures but for this site you have to make them very small to post.


The Wand Geek was here. ;)
Congratulations PaulB! Keep up the fantastic work :thumbup:

How do you hatch the nauplii? I am shopping for a hatchery myself.

Paul B

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How do you hatch the nauplii? I am shopping for a hatchery myself.

I built the thing. It is two plastic boxes glued together, one is black and one is clear. There is a hole between them. The eggs hatch on the black side and swim to the light side. I do it every day (and have for decades) all the shells stay on the black side and all the shrimp are on the clear side.