Tank turned 49 this year

Paul B

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I added so many amphipods in the last few days that I think I may have overdone it a little. I collected and added thousands of the little buggers.

I have been very busy lately for a few things so I can only collect at 6:00 am at low tide which doesn't happen to often at that time so I have to be ready.

They are in every nook and cranny in my tank and I just looked with a flashlight below my tank at the reverse undergravel filter and they are doing the macarana all over the place.
I took a video collecting them on the beach but my computer says the file is corrupted so I can't access it. I will try to take another video but that won't be soon.

As I was looking for them, I also found a small red fish that looks like a fresh water Platy which I have no recoletion of buying. I don't know how long it has been in there but it stays in a small cave in the back under the rocks. Many times I find a creature in there that I forgot about.


Paul B

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I took another amphipod hunting video early this morning just because the last video I took doesn't work for some reason. When I get time I will see if this one works.

I won't be able to get down there for a month or so now as I have other things I need to do least of which is get a new shoulder and being those amphipods are heavy, I won't be able to pick them up. :oops:

I already have to many amphipods so these I will keep in a small tank as "pets". :D

Paul B

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So now I am re married as we renewed our vows in Bermuda. We are married 50 years. My wife found this church from New York and called the priest to see if the guy could perform the ceremony. We took a cab there and the church was all locked up but thats another story. A woman called and woke up the priest who was a great guy. He had on these old shorts and put the priest robes over them. My Grand Son Teddy gave my wife away.

My Grand daughter was the maid of Honor and my Son n Law was the best man. My wife was very happy.
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JoePa lives on!!!
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That’s awesome Paul! Looks like a great little church and 50 years, wow!

You’ve been married just longer than you eldest goby has been alive!

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Almost. Actually one of my fireclowns is 32 and his mate is just a couple of years older so soon they will have their 40th anniversary. :)
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This morning I collected and changed 40 gallons of water. I had to filter it because it was choppy and it rained hard last night about 2" so it was full of chopped up seaweed, bikini tops, truck tires and sand.