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  • I was trying to post in your thread about the picasso clownfish, but I am new and I guess I am having issues in that department. I was curious if you had any for sale at the moment, if so, what they run as far as cost, and if you had pictures? My hubby and I went to the pet store to get me a pair and an anemone for my birthday today but they are out and haven't been able to get ahold of any for quite a while.. I like your snowcasso's but my hubby doesn't like that much white.. I was wondering what one like this Picasso Clownfish | Amphiprion percula | ORA | Oceans, Reefs & Aquariums would be classified as by you and what the cost on a pair would be? Hope to hear back from you soon
    Thanks so much!
    Hi Doni
    not sure u remember me, but am ready to try again
    lots have happen , and life is starting to slow down again for me.
    I sold the 135 tenacor tank , absolutly hated that tank the openings were just aweful to work with.
    Luckily it was just freshy tank and nothing lost, i recooped my invetsment , and am ready to plunge into the world of reef tanks
    I still have the book u reccomended to me and have started reading it again.
    So anyways , glad to see your still around , hope to catch up with u some day and chat
    as always I have a gazillion questions and have yet to find someone to mentor me
    so till then take care and hope to hear form you soon
    That fish does not look well at all.
    Please start a thread and post that same video in our disease forum: Fish Diseases & Treatments
    "leebca" is our resident fish doctor and will provide information. I've never seen that condition but the fish appears to have some sort of blockage and is breathing rapidly. I wish I could offer some advice but I really don't know what to do to help the little guy.
    Hey Doni, I was hoping you might be able to help me out. I have a pair of ORA Naked Clowns, and I believe one might be getting ready to spawn. I have uploaded a video to youtube showing how large it (I have no clue if it is going to spawn or even if it is female for that matter) has gotten. It seems very lethargic all of the sudden, and no longer chases after food like the other fish. This is only very recent, but I think the video will give you a good idea of what I am seeing. It only hangs out in low flow areas of the tank and likes to hang out upside down against the back glass for hours on end. Here is the link to the video...Thanks in advance for any information you might be able to share.

    Hi Pam.
    I will add more this Saturday. The flat rate shipping is $50 for 1-10 fish within the Continental US.
    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Doni Marie
    Hey Doni,
    I noticed you had a semi picasso for sale? I was going to buy it but the shipping is as much as the fish. Are you going to add more throughout the week or weekend? Is the shipping the same if you buy multiples?
    Thanks so much, Pam
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