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  • Hi Michelle, I add nothing to my tanks to grow the macro. It feeds on naturally occuring nutrients in the water. I like red grape caulerpa, codium, and some caulerpas as long as they are pruned. I would never let the cauplerpa grow too much because it can go sexual. Pretty much any macro is fine for the seahorses. I added the macro immediatley, but my tank had been setup previously as a reef tank for about a year. All I ever fed my tank is mysis shrimp for the seahorses. Hope this helps!
    Hi there :)
    Came across your Macro / Seahorse thread- awesome!

    I am looking to add some seahorses to a macro tank I just set up - but was wondering if I could pick your brain?

    *what can be added / supplemented to the macro tank for the algae growth? As far as feeding the macro?
    *what are some types of macro to add for the seahorses? Do they prefer anything in particular? Turtle grass? Grape Caulerpa?
    *how long is good to wait for macro tank to be set up before adding the seahorses?
    What did you feed your tank? It is amazing!

    Thank you :)
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