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    questions about nano tanks

    i have a 24 gal nano but i run a 15 gal sump with it a good asm skimmer and a hang on fuge on the sump so it increases the water volume. the only drawback to a nano in my opinion is the smaller the water volume the faster things can go wrong and you are more likely to get temp swings. if you add...
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    DIY Dosing Container

    i used an old canister filter for a drip system, epoxied an air tube connector to it and put an adjustable air valve on it. works great.
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    newest addition
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    aiptasias removal/exterminate

    their are two peppermint shrimps one eats aiptasia one does not, the one you want to get is Lysmata wurdemanni.
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    New Nano stocking questions

    i have a 24 gal nano and i started with zoas and mushrooms and all are doing fine and reproducing, a very easy and great coral for the beginner.
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    MIA livestock: How far to go to seek them out?

    if i cant get to it i let the cleanup crew and my pods take care of it for me.
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    Newby Mistake

    hmmmm maybe i should get a scooter, my tank is overran with pods, they even come out in the day time they so brave now.
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    A School of one?

    i have a yellow watchman gobi in my nano and he has picked up one small piece of sand in 3 months, so no chance i think of them digging much. i do have a pistol shrimp though and he does dig lots. personally i think i would think about the gramma and keep the other two with a gobi, makes for a...
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    Hey ya'll

    hi lynn, miss you on the chat. great to see ya wherever.
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    my clowns found a home in the purple mushrooms,
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    my clowns found a home in the purple mushrooms,
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    my clowns found a home in the purple mushrooms, the small clown is under one of the mushrooms peeking out. have seen the small clown take frozen mysid shrimp and try to tive it to the mushrooms. talk about dumb :)
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    How to grow algae in my tank ?

    if you want algae its best kept in a refugium not in the display tank. I do all i can to prevent algae from growing in my tank.
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    powerhead poll

    i just wish they would put the amount of heat each gives off on the packaging
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    video of mantis shrimp eating a hermit crab

    would love to see the mantis in a tank with a hungry trigger :thumbup: