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    Coral Magazine - Is it worth getting?

    I subscribed to Coral, it is an awesome magazine. I keep all the issues also. I got a letter from them when I went to renew and they said the new magazine is called Reef Life. I subscribed to the new one but are they still going to continue Coral in the US??
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    Rearing Picasso Percula Clownfish!

    Amazing!!! Great job.
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    Waiting for UPS

    AWESOME!!! Congrats!!!
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    A Sad Day

    Witfull, I am pretty quiet around here but am around often. I followed Z from day one and always looked for updates. I am truly sorry for your loss but he was lucky to have been given a chance!! Nicole
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    December '07 Photo Contest

    Here's my Potter's..:)
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    O.t. Happy Birthday Nijunet!!

    Thank you very much!!!!
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    August '07 Photo Contest Entry

    Here is my pair (caught in the act):bugout:
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    A Slice of Summer

    Thanks, I can't wait till it grows. The colors are just awesome!!
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    A Slice of Summer

    Hi All, I just wanted to share my new Watermelon Chalice. Enjoy!!
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    They're taking over! What are these creatures?

    I think they are Q-tip sponges, good filter feeders
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    Manhattan Reef Club Frag Swap!

    see you there billyr98, I am looking forward to it, as it is my first swap!!!
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    May '07 Photo Contest~

    I will play too, it has been a while. My Labouti Fairy Wrasse