Who took a chunk out of my new Six Line Wrasse?

Discussion in 'General Reef Aquarium Discussion' started by RedSea_New59, Jul 9, 2019.

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    Got a six line wrasse as I have heard they will eat flat worms and are fun to watch. Had him only a week and just noticed that he is bare to the skin on one side near his back tail. Is still swimming ok and all but looks bad and surprised it hasn't killed him yet. Just wondering what did this to him? I have 2 clowns a little larger than him who spend alot of their time in my bubble tip red anemone. Three good size blue-green chromis, a mandarin dragonet and a coral banded shrimp. Any thoughts on which of these did this to this fish? None of them appear aggressive enough to do this sort of damage, or am I wrong? Of note: I bought a Yellow Coris Wrasse a month ago which disappeared within a week....so something has it is for wrasses in my tank. Any advice is appreciated.
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