Tips for pump noise reduction?

Rehan Ari

New Member
So I have been searching the forums this a.m. looking for some tips to reduce the vibration of my in sump pumps (mag 9.5 return and pump for protein skimmer). The suggestions I have seen are to put a mouse pad, foam pad or some cured silicon under the pumps. Silicon is out of the question as I would have to take the pumps out, disconnect, etc. The mouse pad I am a little skeptical of, I assume this might be better for external pumps. Anyone use this trick for an in-water pump?? The foam pad sounds like the best idea, but I am concerned it might become a nitrate factory. Anyone use this method? Any problems? do you take this out every few weeks/months and rinse in RO/DI water? Any other suggestions I haven't mentioned are welcome. Thanks.
easy way to reduce pump noise Worked for me, Must TRY THIS