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I am hoping to get a bit of advise. This weekend my 5 year old Clown passed away, in that time he bonded with a Domino Damsel and I ended up moving them into their own tank as they were a bit of an aggressive pair so other than crabs & snails it has really just been the two of them for a couple years. I have tried introducing a other fish into their tank but never had good results.

Since "Henry" passed away "Edward" (Damsel) has been swimming constantly around the tank and is much more active than he was previously where he and the clown would swim around together. Is it OK to leave him in the tank alone? Should I try to bring in another fish and just keep it in the breeding tank for a while to let the damsel get use to it being around.



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Damsels tend to be very territorial. This can get worse if the fish is kept alone, making it very difficult to introduce new tank mates. You can try another fish, but have a backup plan ready in case things don't work out.

One important item is the size of the tank. A large tank is going to make it a lot easier to introduce additional fish. If the tank is large enough it might be a good ideal to introduce several new fish, so your existing damsel can't direct his aggression towared one fish.