Strange Marks on Picasso Clowns?

Discussion in 'General Reef Aquarium Discussion' started by datahoe, Oct 3, 2017.

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    Hello All,

    I have two clowns in quarantine after my display tank crashed and they are the only survivors. They have been in the 20 gallon tank since August. I checked the ammonia and it reads at 0 and I have have 0 nitrates and nitrites. Salinity is at 1.025. Any idea what this could be? They didn't show signs until the past two weeks. They are still eating but the spots seem to be larger. IMG_2615.jpg IMG_2616.jpg IMG_2615.jpg IMG_2616.jpg
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    This looks like clownfish disease to me, also known as brooklynella hostilis. It is very serious, and can easily be fatal. Treatment is by formalin. Do a search on the net for the disease and pictures of it so you can verify this. Sometimes other diseases look similar.
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